Top 6 Tips for Small Business Baddies !

Top 6 Tips for Small Business Baddies !

1- Don't expect immediate success!  As the old saying goes, "Good things take time." Also Remember everyone's rate of success varies. Some seem to grow and flourish overnight and others have to wait years. There is no one way for proven success. The main thing is to keep showing up.  No matter if your sales are in the tank or they have skyrocketed, always keep showing up. I promise you if you show up, get to really know your customers and don't give up you will start to receive that attention you have been wanting for your business! 

2- Don't compare yourself to others!  Again everyone is on a different path. Some have more support than others, some have more money to put in, and some make success look oh so easy but in reality it is a lot of hard work! One thing I know is for certain, the more time you are worried about how good others are doing is time that could have been spent on making your own business flourish! No judgement we all have done this just don't get caught up in trying to be as good as other's. Everyone will get their time to shine! 

3- Know Your Limits! Being a small business owner can be so rewarding but at the same time very stressful! Never take on to much just for the sake of making money! We all want to make money, but we also have to know our limits. Overloading yourself will not only cause unnecessary stress, but could harm your business reputation in the long run. You might say, "How could it do that?"  Well once you overload your self you become stressed, then usually its a ripple effect from there. Oftentimes product quality and turn around time take a hit then even worse you can send yourself into burnout mode and not want to do anything at all. Your best bet is to know your limits and to say no when you have to. I promise you your true customers will still be there and understand! It is perfectly ok to say no and to set boundaries! Actually it is a very smart thing to do . 

4- It is okay to take a break! This goes back to knowing your limits. It is perfectly okay to pause when you do get stressed or burned out. A lot of times, that much needed pause lets you get the rest you need to come back stronger than ever. 

5- Make Friends in Your Business Community!  So many times we see other's that do what we do just as competition, but often times you will find that competition can become one of your best friends and support. Rule of thumb always be nice and look to make friends ! You never know who you might find in your corner and rooting you on! 

6- Always be Transparent with Your Customers! This is last on the list but it is one of the most important ! Be honest and open with your customers. Always give them clear expectations and deadlines. Be sure to strive to stick with what you have told them and if you can not do that be open and honest and communicate with them as soon as possible . Offer them whatever you can possibly do to make it right, within reason of course. Be sure to apologize and thank them for understanding. With a little communication everyone should say happy. Now occasionally you will have that unpleasable customer but just do the best you can with them and go on. You can't lose sleep over them. It is inhumanly possible to please everyone!!  

These are a few things that I have found helpful in my business venture! I am sure there is something I have forgot to mention ! If you are already in business and see that I have failed to mention an important tip drop me a comment below! 

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