praying for small business owner

Late Night Prayers of a Struggling Small Business Owner

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am praying for the small business owner that is struggling.

Whether its a slow business week with few sales or so fast a week that its hard to keep up, either way its exhausting. 

Please ease the worry, calm their minds so they can focus on what they need to, surround them with the support they oh so need and help them with all the things they juggle daily.

Send them the tribe of customers they need to flourish! 

Remind them that they are doing good no matter what doubts Satan puts in their minds! 

Let them find the rest they need to face the next business day.

Let them find the precious time that they need to be with their families.

Help them be strong and able to deal with all of the daily situations they face. 

Remind them that even when they feel alone in it all that you are there and your will carry them through the storm Lord. 

In Jesus Name We Pray 



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